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Re: Sheffield United vs Ipswich Town Preview & Matchday Thread

Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 1:32 pm
by tangfastic
ashfordblue wrote:
Mon Apr 29, 2019 11:57 am
I still say PL must play Luke Wolfenden at CB next season, not Chambers, he's had a super season on loan at Swindon, this is a wonderful chance to rebuild with our youth players, and no loan players coming in, in yesterdays game we seemed to want to play at 100 mph the whole match, so of course the passing was very erratic, we need someone in the centre, who can hold up play and get those defence splitting passes going, not like the hoof ball that was prominent yesterday, bloody awful to watch, and this is what most teams generally play like in DIV 1, so lets see how we do against Leeds, and then have a nice break for summer recess, and watch with interest what PL does with the culling, and what ME supplies PL in the way of funding for the BIG rebuild.
This should be crucial during pre-season. We know they’ve floated over already more young players and less loanees, but it seems more evident we need players brought in. Don’t think we will see more than five, but Evans really has to back PL. Its not like we have any assets to sell to fund 2-3 players. And the right kind of players with a winning mentality. My biggest concern is after a season like that, so many of the players must find it difficult to know how to win.
I think an underwhelming transfer window would really put pressure on PL before the season starts.

Re: Sheffield United vs Ipswich Town Preview & Matchday Thread

Posted: Mon Apr 29, 2019 1:35 pm
by phily bon bon
MasseyFerguson wrote:
Sun Apr 28, 2019 1:07 am
The most disappointing thing for me is how we have gone down with a whimper after a brief period where we seemed to be playing a little better.

The fear I expressed then was that the points we were picking up had less to do with our apparent improvement in form and more to do with the circumstances of the opposition teams. The last few matches have confirmed my worst fears and I'm now very worried about next season.

PL has been great in terms of reconnecting the club with the fans but, in his primary role of getting results, he has been nothing short of awful. I do not subscribe to the ' these are not his players so don't blame him' mantra. He is not a fool. He knew what he was taking on and he obviously felt he could make a difference. He has failed miserably.

In the January window he brought in new blood. While acknowledging the constraints he operates under there is no doubt that the results have by and large been dire. People say the football has been better. It may be marginally easier on the eye but it is toothless and clueless.

I have gone from depression about our fall from grace to anger about the ineptitude of a manager in whom so many people have placed their faith. I am dreading next season.

Having read all the comments in this thread I find myself totally agreeing with the above.