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Re: Ipswich Town vs Wycombe Wanderers Preview & Matchday Thread

Posted: Mon Dec 02, 2019 6:35 pm
by marko69
Jaysus H Christ....., when does he get just a little bit pi$$ed off?

“Hey Adebayo, every time you go forward, your tits look offside.”
Hahahahaha, nice one.
“It’s ok you fat b*stard. You know we’re only joking eh?”
Hahahahaha, yes, I know you’re joking.
“No worries, won’t keep you back, those cheeseburgers aren’t going eat themselves eh?”

At this point, I’m hoping Adebayo loses it and starts sorting the situation out. Good job he’s not like Cantona. Few fans would be getting jaw rearrangement surgery this week.