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Post by marko69 » Sun Feb 23, 2020 8:51 pm

No one likes forum members being banned, especially long term posters who, in their combined time here, have mostly posted decent information regarding Ipswich Town Football Club by way of interesting articles or match reports.
I, as will many, hope they return after this and maybe sit back and view themselves what they're about to post.

BUT........, huge but by the way........., its a sports forum of mainly big hairy emotional sports fans and emotions will ALWAYS run high. Because of this, there is a Ignore / foe feature that can be attached to any member who annoys you. PLEASE, start using this feature. Does anyone honestly believe that this place will EVER run with harmony? It won't. So to prevent locked threads and bannings, PLEASE start using the feature so that the forum can occasionally become heated with sports debate without the need for intervention.

Thanks all.