Luke Chambers

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Luke Chambers

Post by AzzurroMark » Sat Oct 24, 2020 1:30 pm

If, as expected, Luke Chambers plays against Lincoln today, he will become No10 in the all-time ITFC League appearances.

Luke is, Cole Skuse apart, one of those players who most divides opinion amongst Town fans, but to replace Jimmy Leadbetter in that top 10 surely deserves recognition as a great servant of this club! Some will argue that he doesn't deserve to lace the boots of some of those other top 10 players and true, when looking at the likes of Mills, Wark, Burley, Cooper, Baxter, Elsworthy Etc. it is hard, even for me, to see where he fits within such illustrious company. Others will point out that he has captained some of the poorest Ipswich teams in the clubs history, overseeing further demise, and once again, it is hard to argue against that!

However, he is in that list on merit. He has amassed those games under 4 managers, which must speak volumes for how his fellow professionals see and rate him. Has a player of the year award under his belt. Has a relatively good injury record and , for me personally, even at 35 has had a great start to the season and merits a starting eleven place every time. Of course, nothing lasts forever, some fans feeling he should be more of a bit-part player prior to this season kicking off, maybe there is a need to look towards the future. I sincerely hope he is found a role within the club when he finally hangs up his boots.

So thank you Luke, yes at times you are found wanting, but i doubt you'll find a more passionate Blue amongst our current squad. If you were out on the battlefield, he would be the one Town player you'd want by your side. He is a shining example (apart from his tv interviews) to the younger players, and had he of had the skill Mick Mills had as a player, would have been one of the finest all-rounders this club has seen, of course all in my own humble opinion.

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Re: Luke Chambers

Post by tangfastic » Sat Oct 24, 2020 1:49 pm

Fair enough, Mark..... but your timing is terrible. You posted this less than a couple of hours before kick-off! That’s kiss of death written all over it. Expect a Chambo OG or red card now.

TBF.... he’s playing very well this season.

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Re: Luke Chambers

Post by number 9 » Sat Oct 24, 2020 1:50 pm

Regardless of his sometimes inconsistent performances, it's obvious the bloke is Ipswich through and through.

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Re: Luke Chambers

Post by Bluemike » Sat Oct 24, 2020 2:15 pm

Great words Mark and I totally agree, for me Chambers epitomises much of what we have missed for many years, commitment, strength, grit, loyalty and an all round love of the club, yes he has captained poor town teams but most would have jumped ship long ago, not Luke.

As you say he is always fit and raring to go too and that is despite the fact he would put his head in where the boots are flying, a couple of seasons back he played on with broken ribs, a measure of the man, I can just imagine the likes of McGoldrick doing that !!

So yes, well done Luke and thanks for your commitment to ITFC, a great club man, leader and captain and One day maybe a Town manager of the future.

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Re: Luke Chambers

Post by Ricco » Wed Oct 28, 2020 3:01 pm

AzzurroMark wrote:
Sat Oct 24, 2020 1:30 pm
Luke is, Cole Skuse apart, one of those players who most divides opinion amongst Town fans
Does he divide opinion? I think the only minor quibbles were he was a square peg at right back, he was part of the core that has been unsuccessful and concerns with his ability as he ages.

That's pretty nit picking for someone who's played 350+ games. He's gone on to prove those points wrong for the most part and those aside, I think everyone has only ever had good things to say.

I've been living a bit off highlights, but he looks to be playing very well this season, at this level it's almost a bit like when a 40 year old professional player retires and plays for his local club, even if they're an old route 1 centre back, they look to have a whiff of Pirlo about them!

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