Is Regan MacNeil on the coaching staff here ?

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saint jude
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Is Regan MacNeil on the coaching staff here ?

Post by saint jude » Wed Dec 16, 2020 4:09 am

One of the first things I view following a game is possession amounts for both ourselves and opposition teams. After some research following
all games played this season (league) thus far it came up with some interesting statistics.

Bottom line we've played 18 times including today and we have had the greater possession in 14 of all matches played. Has been times we've been
well beaten despite having the majority of play and just wondered why this is. One last time I don't get to view action like some others, there
will be those with better understanding as to what goes on having viewed first hand but for the rest of us one or two questions remain.

One standout example is the Hull City fixture from 24 October. How can a team lose 0 - 3 at home and have two-thirds possession over their
opponents. Next up was Charlton, again with a home advantage. We lost 0 - 2 and once again had two-thirds percentage over the visitors. Every
so often a game comes along where the opposition shade it. Milton Keynes had the greatest possession ratio with two-thirds themselves back in
October, game that day finished in a 1 -1 drawn score. Seems too often we have far more of the ball yet don't seem to do enough with it. Can recall years back (West) Germany / Austria in the World Cup just passing to each other for nearly the entire contest with near zero goal threat. Just an example of what seems to be at times here this season although in fairness doubtless as bad as the game mentioned.

Here are the statistics for games played thus far involving ourselves (bold) and all opposition teams played. Check out the possession records. Put dates in English format for easier reference. Provides a simple at a glance results tally for us also.

13 / 9 Wigan Athletic Home W 2 - 0 possession 51/49

19 / 9 Bristol Rovers Away W 2 - 0 45/55

26 / 9 Rochdale Home W 2 - 0 54/46

3 / 10 Milton Keynes Away D 1 - 1 66/34

10/ 10 Blackpool Away W 4 - 1 54/46

17 / 10 Accrington Home W 2 - 0 59/41

20 / 10 Doncaster Away L 1 - 4 47/53

24 / 10 Lincoln Away L 0 - 1 38/62

27 / 10 Gillingham Home W 1 - 0 70/30

31 / 10 Crewe Home W 1 - 0 43/57

3 / 11 Sunderland Away L 1 - 2 47/53

21 / 11 Shrewsbury Home W 2 - 1 68/32

24 / 11 Hull City Home L 0 - 3 65/35

28 / 11 Charlton Home L 0 - 2 63/37

1 / 12 Oxford Away D 0 - 0 59/41

5 / 12 Plymouth Away W 2 - 1 33/67

12 / 12 Portsmouth Home L 0 - 2 56/44

15 / 12 Burton Home W 2 - 1 61/39

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Re: Is Regan MacNeil on the coaching staff here ?

Post by tangfastic » Wed Dec 16, 2020 10:11 am

There’s a lot of work there, SJ.

I would have thought you would have the solution because we’ve been talking about this so often. We’ve simply been fixated by keeping the ball whereby we’re not threatening the opposition. The ball goes sideways and eventually back to the defence or the GK. Then we give it away. But we keep on adding to our possession stats - if that means anything. It doesn’t- the opposition is happy for us to build slowly while they can set their defensive line.
Last night, Burton had two good chances (one in which they scored) when long diagonal balls from our defence were cut out and Burton broke away. Opposition tactics: Let us have the ball, get behind the ball and wait for us to give it away.

I think these stats are misleading. Also, shots on goals can be, too. Powder-puff shots from distance still rack up as shots.

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Re: Is Regan MacNeil on the coaching staff here ?

Post by hallamblue » Thu Dec 17, 2020 1:34 pm

Town very much like we did under McCarthy , keep the ball in their own half … nosism ...Opponents sit back take a rest frankly, and let us have it . We are NO threat to them whilst we play our pointless pittas patter footie back and forth across the back four. There's no pace , no forward probing passing ...are we scared to do this or is this coached ? I don't know , but its driving me nuts tbh .

So as your stats show Saint , we have the ball a lot ...but do sod all with it !

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saint jude
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Re: Is Regan MacNeil on the coaching staff here ?

Post by saint jude » Fri Dec 18, 2020 5:30 pm

There's a page / illustration that shows who's top for the possession statistics in League One. Would have been easier if they'd put it in order but what I can see we're in #2 position second only to Milton Keynes. Tells you something when they themselves had the greatest possession stats against us for all teams we've played thus far this season.

Highest possession at home games, lo and behold Milton Keynes. They also got the highest percentage for visiting sides. I thought it were bad with us but they've taken it to a new level there.

Lowest figure seems to be Northampton. We haven't played them as yet so could make for an interesting game. Hull at the top have themselves a nice round 50 per cent total, ours is just a shade over 55 and Burton right at the end place of the league have near 48 and a half. Here is the table, the presentation is a bit muddled, should apologize for that. ... bewerb/GB3

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