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Re: Ipswich Town vs Sunderland AFC Preview & Matchday Thread

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2021 6:46 pm
by marko69
Charnwood wrote:
Thu Jan 28, 2021 10:53 am
Your boys did quite well last night Marko holding Rangers to 0-1 although the game looked a little scrappy played on the sh*t of a pitch, is it normally that bad ? Morelos was lucky to be on the pitch after his early shocking stamping and this was certainly an injustice which would have been even worse had he not missed a much easier chance a few minutes later.

Five defeats in the last seven must feel like following two Ipswich Towns.
The pitch was a surprise last night. The freak snow fall and subsequent urgency for the undersoil Heating must’ve created something to go wrong. Hibernian regularly have the best surface in the SPL, ....., but yep, last night, looked like the warm up chewed it up.

Morelos is the classic example of why the game is how it is these days. Say no more on that in case I get kicked out for not being pc.

And no, night and day compared to Ipswich Town, in my opinion and many others. Jack Ross is doing EXACTLY what the fans are asking....... the players are letting things slip during games, BUT (big butt)...... they’re actually playing VERY well. Yep, defeats but it’ll definitely be sorted out. I don’t like Marciano, (keeper) I see him as a bit of a liability....... but that’s being debated seriously amongst fans.

But, nothing like ITFC. Paul Lambert is a f**king airhead.