Mr Judge

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Mr Judge

Post by rossi » Sat Mar 27, 2021 10:45 pm

Is it too much to hope for that the second half substitutions today indicated that PC has run out of patience with certain players.

Maybe we have seen the last of Judge, Edwards, and Sears.

In Judge's case I would shed no tears at all. He has consistently under-performed for us, he's lightweight, crap, mouthy, and incredibly ugly to boot.

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Re: Mr Judge

Post by number 9 » Sat Mar 27, 2021 11:08 pm

He also thinks he’s better than he is. I hope today’s sub is an indication that PC doesn’t value him as a starter. Lambert sure loved him.

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Re: Mr Judge

Post by hallamblue » Sat Mar 27, 2021 11:57 pm

I think Cook has learned a lot about this squad over the past couple of weeks , and if the training incident last week can be believed, I think most of this squad are on they’re way out of the club now . Which may explain to pathetic “ performance “ today . they’ve effectively downed tools as far as I can see. Well beit on their own heads . Some clearly think they’re bigger than this Club . They’ll soon be finding out they’re not .

I think PC is finding very hard not to publicly “out” these players.

I agree ( and indeed hope), the likes of Judge, Edwards Sears are shown the door . These are the very players that should be making things happen in midfield - failure doesn’t even begin to describe them . Dozzell is vastly overrated IMO. Bishop I like - at least he tries to run at defences, but he can’t do it in his own . Downes I’m pretty sure don’t be here next season anyway . Nolan , could possibly go well under PC next season.

Defensively , I think Toto is coachable. Maybe even Woolfie, Nydam and KVY too. But the stalwarts ( Ward, Chambers & Skuse) will probably be having their final season now. No disgrace there .

In attack, Norwood at 30yrs and his expensive wages may also be out the door. Jackson ? What formation can he play ? I don’t think his game is conducive to PC preferred formation, so he may well be another casualty.

GK ers? Tbh none in this club impress me.

Cook will clear the decks I’m sure .

It might even be easier to say who will be staying ....

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