Charlton Athletic vs Ipswich Town Preview & Matchday Thread

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Anyone going for a win?

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Re: Charlton Athletic vs Ipswich Town Preview & Matchday Thread

Post by hallamblue » Sat Apr 17, 2021 10:02 pm

valleyroad wrote:
Sat Apr 17, 2021 7:03 pm
hallamblue wrote:
Sat Apr 17, 2021 3:54 pm
saint jude wrote:
Sat Apr 17, 2021 3:16 pm

I don't like them but they're streets ahead of us in terms of progression and ambition. While we were f**king around with 13 years of non events with the Evans Group they were getting things done with owners and directors that actually cared or possesed a tangible interest. Not giving then anything other than that. Pains to say it but that's the reality of the situation.

Game today, another no score draw from us. f**king hell how many is that now. You can bet your as* they'll be another or two before the season is out. Appears we played better today but one point from it that contributes zero to the end of season. Didn't Cook say yesterday we can expect exciting attacking play from us and Charlton had get ready for a real test, or something of that nature.

Guess in another dimension it may have occurred but just reading up on another blank game from us. Maybe some positives to take from today however this team couldn't score in a (insert appropriate terminology here) A mass cull in the summer is just about near imperative.
7 promotions , and relegations . Each time they are given over £100m (That’s a conservative figure)..... you’d expect them to be “streets ahead” on close to £1bn income from Pl coffers wouldnt you .

But all said snd done they are still just a well funded Championship Club, because they have never consolidated in the PL, and more to the point never LOOKED to even try to. You could almost say they’ve lacked ambition given the money they’ve received. Yes they have done well this season. But so they should on the money they’ve had.

I’ll say again these are simply the facts . No “ bile” , no vitriol just facts about what’s happened at their club . I’m not comparing in anyway to ITFC . I’m looking solely at what they have “ achieved “, and frankly I’d say not a lot . Nice academy and training ground , but what else ?
All clubs relegated from Prem are well funded but not many bounce back straight away. Some even drop another level. Norwich are superbly run and made a great appointment in Farke. For me they should be congratulated on their achievements this season. For me, Norwich and Ipswich are 2 very similar clubs with similar fans. Hopefully Ipswich over the next few seasons can get back to where they belong i.e. competing with Norwich
Yip, my fingers are firmly crossed VR . We’ve had far too long in the doldrums. There’s a whole generation of Town fans that have had nothing but pain and disappointment. It’s about time that changed !

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Re: Charlton Athletic vs Ipswich Town Preview & Matchday Thread

Post by saint jude » Sat Apr 17, 2021 10:10 pm

Having now seen highlights, it were a no score draw again but at least the team showed a touch more determintion that previous games just recent. The opportunity we created, actual shots on goal, seemed a lack of conviction, a sort of hit and hope from those that tried from distance. Will accept the players have all but given up on a top six finish, that has been evident for many weeks and even months now going into this game but back in August when the fixture lists were made, guess a point at Charlton would represent something of an adequate score.

Real frustrated with the chances we have missed over time this season. Tired by this point of the reiteration but once last look at the league standings, if there had been a number of factors i.e. rid of Lambert long before he did the damage (should not have been appointed to begin with) key players out through injury and a vociferous home crowd to aid the players at Portman Road, the belief we could do something and this League really was within our capabilities etc . People talk about next season, seem to miss the moment and focus on things to do when they could just as easily be done already.

All told a better point from today but same issues persist. Some of the new owners when coming in alluded to us featuring in the EPL again within two or three years. New players, ownership and manager or not, guessing it could take a while longer for that vision to come to pass.

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Re: Charlton Athletic vs Ipswich Town Preview & Matchday Thread

Post by tangfastic » Sun Apr 18, 2021 7:46 am

In isolation, not a bad performance and result. Just another 0-0 draw to add to the rest.

I’ve finally lost patience with Norwood. He is the best striker at the club, but his fitness can’t be relied upon. He doesn’t help himself by pissing around on social media.

Norwood fits the type of a lone striker in a Cook team, but we definitely need another striker that can hold the ball up and actually score goals. Jackson doesn’t fit the criteria. Pity we didn’t take the money offered last summer for him and brought in a better version of Hawkins.

Good to see KVY back - hes a big plus.

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Re: Charlton Athletic vs Ipswich Town Preview & Matchday Thread

Post by hallamblue » Sun Apr 18, 2021 8:34 am

As Paul Cook said, these players can’t be trusted . I’d put Norwood at the top of that pile . I won’t be surprised to see him moved on .

KVY is another one . He really needs to shows PC over these last 5 games he can stay fit . His skills are undisputed . Just stay fit!

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