Demolition Man

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Re: Demolition Man

Post by valleyroad » Sat Apr 17, 2021 1:27 pm

saint jude wrote:
Fri Apr 16, 2021 4:15 pm
If Cook is Demolition can Hurst, Lambert, McCarthy, Keane and Jewell et cetera be the Natural Disasters and The Evans Group the Legion of Doom.

Looks like a case of you can talk the talk but can you walk it. All very well making proclamation and what you envisage for the future but right now the club is at an as*-end of a sorry mess. For continuity sake would suggest the manager accepts this season is over and the real work begins from August and beyond. Appears one or two (high profile) playing names have left the club last few days but would have kept them on myself until end of season. Don't the see the reason for moving names out when the last few games are of no value. Get the dead-wood out in the summer by all means but to undertake certain duties now, don't always see the logic in it.

Bottom line, and to encapsulate a number of major issues, this club has been too lenient in terms of ownership and managerial appointments over enough time. Soft as sh*t some of the names we've had come in expected to improve the team or get things done. It needs a certain degree of ruthless aggression for any business to be successful and we here are no exception. I believe we've been so lenient and soft-assed the last decade and more it's simply held us back in terms of actual progression.

Whether Cook and the Gamechanger Group are the individuals to steel things up and provide spine is open to debate, but at least people at the club are speaking out and declaring their intent. It's all about backing up words with productivity. Not suggesting for one moment they can't do it or it won't be done but this is a platform for opinion right or wrong. Really would like to be involved once again in the not too far future rooting for a team that can once again be recognized, only this time, for the right reasons.
Hmm, McCarthy in the same group as Keane, Hurst,Lambert and Jewell is just nonsense. If McCarthy hadn't been hounded out, the club would never be in its current position. It would also be sitting in the Championship with huge investment now !!

Also for the talk of Town being soft i very much doubt under MM.

I like Paul Cook, always have as a manager. He is making all the right noises but we shall see how it pans out. Huge task ahead for him.

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Re: Demolition Man

Post by marko69 » Sat Apr 17, 2021 2:18 pm

I think if any potential new manager had witnessed Lamberts "lads were brilliant" interviews, that'd have an effect on the psyche.
Paul Cook thinks, "Every Ipswich Town fan and their pets are pi$$ed off. How can they be brilliant?"
Cookie then goes out and slaughters everyone......... And rightly so.

Well done, PC. Breath of fresh air.

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