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arana peligrosa
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Re: New shirt sponsor

Post by arana peligrosa » Fri May 07, 2021 10:30 pm

What's your problem that was some damn fine music back in the day. Only problem was being around same company that time as c-nts like Slade and the Osmonds. Joe Dolce getting in the way of Ultravox ten years after, that level of regret and dismay. Not going to comment further on the issue.

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Re: New shirt sponsor

Post by marko69 » Fri May 07, 2021 10:36 pm

:lol: :lol: :lol:

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Re: New shirt sponsor

Post by hallamblue » Sat May 08, 2021 7:56 am

Priceless SJ :lol: :lol:

Suffice to say I’ll be getting the ED SHEERAN Shirt 🥳👍

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Re: New shirt sponsor

Post by Bluemike » Thu Jun 09, 2022 12:18 pm

Our Ed confirmed as shirt sponsor for a further season.

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Re: New shirt sponsor

Post by shabba » Thu Jun 09, 2022 12:57 pm

V happy with this, nice to have a sponsor who is actually a fan. Also I’m very against gambling sponsors so double thumbs up from me.

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Re: New shirt sponsor

Post by Dazzz67 » Thu Jun 09, 2022 1:29 pm

Here here Shabba!

Cheers Ed!

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Re: New shirt sponsor

Post by jimmyt » Fri Jun 10, 2022 2:06 pm


I don't particularly listen to his music but what I can say is that I'm involved with a local charity and during the height of the pandemic Mr Sheeran (and his manager) made a significant donation to our charity's coffers. Pretty much without being asked........

He really does care about the local community and is prepared to help - I think he is genuinely a good guy.

So for me, having Ed as the Shirt Sponsor is 100% OK.

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Re: New shirt sponsor

Post by Charnwood » Sat Jun 11, 2022 8:32 am

Ed Sheeran’s net worth is currently estimated to be £200 million which makes him one of the wealthiest and most successful singer songwriters in the world today and he’s still only 31. As his wealth increases possibly to £1bn and more he may well consider investing more in his home team football club. We can only hope and wish him even more success.

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