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Ipswich manager rankings

Posted: Mon Jun 06, 2022 8:11 am
by AzzurroMark
An interesting article in the EADT, ranking 17 out of the 19 Ipswich managers from worst to best (McKenna is omitted, as is our first manager who was in charge when we were a Southern League outfit). It is worth pointing out that it is only opinion and not based on statistics. ... rs-9008914

For me, it stands out how 5 of Marcus Evan's appointments fill the bottom 6 spaces! I was always part of the ME "in" camp, but it is a damning indictment of several poor choices being made, from funding Roy Keane and then severely tightening the purse strings after getting his fingers burned. A certain Mr Cook gets a very low ranking, yet again someone who I felt was not given enough time (though that does appear now to be folly on my part)! History will just show that he was, despite my beliefs, a very poor manager, however one who did being in some decent players who are part of a more attractive playing style team!

I wouldnt argue with the top 3 (certainly the top 2 are nailed on), with George Burley in 3rd, and the most successful manager during my time of watching Ipswich!
Place 4 & 5 are possibly the most contentious, as i certainly have no views on them as they were with us before I was born.

For the record, here is my ranking of managers since I have supported ITFC;

13.Paul Hurst
12.Roy Keane
11.Paul Jewell
10.Paul Lambert
9.Paul Cook
8.John Duncan
7.Bobby Ferguson
6.Mick McCarthy
5.Jim Magilton
4.John Lyall
3.Joe Royle
2.George Burley
1.Bobby Robson