Another thing unique about ITFC

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Another thing unique about ITFC

Post by AzzurroMark » Fri Nov 11, 2022 11:50 am

Just reading this, for me, very interesting piece about Ipswich Town FC. Something which makes the club unique as the only team who did not kick a ball during World War 2. ... d-war-two/

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Re: Another thing unique about ITFC

Post by Charnwood » Fri Nov 11, 2022 12:40 pm

That’s brilliant Mark, I knew we didn’t play during the war but what I didn’t realise is that most clubs did. Not sure where they got their players from as most would have been called to arms.

The team photograph makes me feel really old as some of those players were still playing when I first started going to Portman Road. One of them Neil Myles was the dad of one of my school pals Robert.

Kerry Blue will be interested too as his Uncle Basil Acres is on the extreme front left of the photograph sitting next to the manager Scott Duncan.

Great post Mark.

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Re: Another thing unique about ITFC

Post by Bluemike » Fri Nov 11, 2022 1:25 pm

Super read that and something I was totally unaware of tbh.

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arana peligrosa
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Re: Another thing unique about ITFC

Post by arana peligrosa » Fri Nov 11, 2022 3:50 pm

Quite a read and not something was really all up on. I know Portman Road was requisition during both wars to contain and store items but you can always accommodate further information.

didn't the top leagues and Cup competition stop during the above periods due to conflict. Portsmouth were, or are, the team to hold the F.A. Cup for longest time, something of a famous quiz question.

Take the time and opportunity to pass honor and respect on this day for the fallen of both World Wars. The latter in particular being a horror / sacrifice many today (still) won't be able to truly comprehend. Respect and thought with those involved, not to mention the generations that came after.

Cabanas Blue
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Re: Another thing unique about ITFC

Post by Cabanas Blue » Fri Nov 11, 2022 4:47 pm

I was also unaware thanks for posting 👍

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Re: Another thing unique about ITFC

Post by LizinSpain » Sat Nov 12, 2022 12:37 pm

Great read. I was vaguely aware of this but had never really looked into it, Thanks for posting the link :)

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Re: Another thing unique about ITFC

Post by Tangfastic » Sun Nov 13, 2022 9:12 am

Surprised there was no mention of Escape to Victory. No wonder there was no war-time games at Portman Road as our players were in POW camps giving Fritz a football lesson.

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