Prediction League Rules 2019/20

Every week there will be a series of fixtures (or questions) for you to predict the results of. This will be a perfect chance for you to show how much you know about football (or how little) and prove that you are the smartest Ipswich fan. The 2020/21 season will feature the Main Competition including a repeat of last years Promotion/Relegation format and the popular addition of the 'Head to Head' Competition. We will also play for the coveted TB Cup which will commence in January 2021, which is based on the FA Cup!

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Prediction League Rules 2019/20

Post by Charnwood » Fri Jul 29, 2016 5:45 pm

1. If you get the exact score = 5 points

2. If you get the right result with the correct goal difference but the wrong score = 2 points

3. If you get the right result, but wrong score = 1 point (eg the final score is 3-1, but you selected 2-1)

4. There will be a total of 16 Q's.

5. Weekly 'Bonus' questions worth 5 points each. Annual Bonus Questions 10 points each. Top Goal Scorer Q’s are League Goals only, Appearance Q’s are also League only inc sub appearances.

6. Q3 Attendance Question, Closest three players score 5 points each.

7. There will be one "Match of The Day" each week worth Double Points.

8. If for any reason the forum goes down, that weeks predictions will still count. Mainly because the predictions are put up at least a week before the games are played.

9. If Town are involved in a Friday Night Sky televised fixture the deadline for entries that week will be brought forward to 7.30pm.

10. If a game isn't played, it will become void and no points will be awarded for that game.

11. If fixture’s in any section are postponed any Bonus Questions in that section will become void.

12. In the event of a player placing more than one entry the latest will always be used provided it is submitted before the deadline.

13. Anybody with problems reference scoring, must PM Bluemike our Chief Scorer.

14. Any blatant examples of copying another players predictions will result in Nil points being awarded.

15. The TB Cup will be competed by the Top 32 ranked players in the Main League table after the weekend results immediately before the Monday draw of the corresponding round of the FA Cup proper. The player ranked 33 will be a "Reserve" and will replace any player who N/E's. If more than one player N/E's he/she will replace the lowest rank player who fails to post.

16. All scores for games involving extra time, e.g. Play-Offs, FA Cup 5th Round onwards, Cup Replays and Cup Semi finals & Final are as at 90 mins, and bonus questions after extra time but not penalties. FA Cup Rounds where there are no replays, any replay Q will also be taken as any Draw at 90 mins.

17. Drawn TB Cup games will be decided by a tie break question, if not set closest to attendance Q will be used.

18. In the Monthly League Competition should points be equal, count back rules will apply to decide promotions and relegations.

Prediction League Moderators are Charnwood Bluemike & Frosty

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Re: Prediction League Rules 2019/20

Post by BLUEBLOOD » Sun Jul 28, 2019 11:09 am

How About Rule 19 NO late entries to be counted....? not even if the games have not started. refer rule 8
8. If for any reason the forum goes down, that weeks predictions will still count. Mainly because the predictions are put up at least a week before the games are played.
A NOON deadline means that 12.00 if you post after that 0 points...

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Re: Prediction League Rules 2019/20

Post by Bluemike » Sun Jul 28, 2019 5:48 pm

I actually agree, I think we need to stick rigidly to this.

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