H2H Comp - Round 23 Fixtures 2nd Feb

Every week there will be a series of fixtures (or questions) for you to predict the results of. This will be a perfect chance for you to show how much you know about football (or how little) and prove that you are the smartest Ipswich fan. The 2018/19 season will feature the Main Competition including a repeat of last years Promotion/Relegation format as well as a new 'Head to Head' Competition. In conjunction with the FA Cup, we will also play for the coveted TB Cup which will commence in January 2019!

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H2H Comp - Round 23 Fixtures 2nd Feb

Post by Bluemike » Mon Jan 28, 2019 9:45 pm

Round 23 Fixtures

Gold&Black v HallamBlue

Lucy v Wellywood

PhilyBonBon v Ando

IpswichTownNo1 v OhioTractorBoy

Quasar v Charlton837

KL Blue v BlueBlood

Superchef V Marko69

Todd66 v AzzuroMark

MarvinBay v AylesburyBlue

Mach_Polish_Blue v Bluepeter

Charnwood v Saint Jude

Itfc76Trev v Number9

Frosty v Nicscreamer

WatershipDown v Bluemike

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