H2H Comp 2019/20 - WK 16 Fixtures w/e 19th Jan

Every week there will be a series of fixtures (or questions) for you to predict the results of. This will be a perfect chance for you to show how much you know about football (or how little) and prove that you are the smartest Ipswich fan. The 2019/20 season will feature the Main Competition including a repeat of last years Promotion/Relegation format and the popular addition of the 'Head to Head' Competition. In conjunction with the FA Cup, we will also play for the coveted TB Cup which will commence in January 2020!

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H2H Comp 2019/20 - WK 16 Fixtures w/e 19th Jan

Post by Bluemike » Sun Jan 12, 2020 9:18 pm


Blue Wilf v Mach_Polish_Blue

Tangfastic v AylesburyBlue

Superchef v BlueMike

Lucy v Todd66

BlueBlood v Nicscreamer

Frosty v Quasar

Number9 v Marko69

Charnwood v Gold&Black

Wellywood v PhilyBonBon

Itfc76trev v Ando

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