NEWBURY Saturday 13th June

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Re: NEWBURY Saturday 13th June

Post by goldandblack » Sun Jun 14, 2020 1:22 pm

Charnwood wrote:
Sun Jun 14, 2020 10:25 am
Your spot on John, I used the calculator as it was set. What do bookies pay out is it 1/5th or 1/4th.... ?.

I’ve always worked on the principal of only doing ew bets on odds of 7/1 or more, but I’m not sure there’s any logic in that ?
Yes bookies do work on 1/5\ usually with a lot of horses at big meetings bookies will offer 4/1 to get the bets in,

hope that new rule is OK Andy seems only right .it worked ok for Frosty 8) " Frosty has done 5.00 win on Onassis. so if he doesn't get chance to change his bet his money will go 5.00 win or however much was on lost bet on the Fav. hope all agrees,

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