About YOU!

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About YOU!

Post by Dazza » Sun Aug 24, 2003 2:22 am

Tell us about yourself... :)

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Re: About YOU!

Post by Dazza » Sun Aug 24, 2003 2:25 pm

Dazza wrote:Tell us about yourself... :)
I'll go first...

I'm 20 years old, male of course (or I was the last time I checked). I live in Surrey (Thats just south of London if you didnt know). Been an ITFC fan almost all my life. Orginally I was an Arsenal fan, but that was to fit in at school... I know... my bad... :?

The reason I support Ipswich even though I live 102 miles away is becuase my dad's side of the family live in Ipswich and my dad has supported the club for 40-odd years, and he used to go every week back in the 60's and 70's.

In my lifetime I've seen a few games every now and again when I could, but this season I've made the jump from an arm chair supporter to a season ticket holder in the north stand (upper).

Ermmm, thats about it... feel free to ask me any questions ;)

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Post by suffolk_blue » Mon Aug 25, 2003 4:34 pm


Im 22, male and hail from Newmarket in Suffolk. Currently stuck in Germany doing a placement year for my degree - only 4 days left now tho! :D
First day back and im going to the West Ham game - at least I have my priorities right ey!?! :)

After that im back to Uni in Leicester for my last year. Im studying for a degree in Multimedia Computing. Haven't got much chance of getting to many games this year unfortunately, although will be trying my best to get back and see a decent amount! Hopefully next year once Im earning a bit I plan to get a season ticket - need to earn a little money before that tho, being a poor student and all ;)

Supported Ipswich for around 10 years now, and it all started because of my brother ... whos younger than me! But thanks to him I can't get enough of the Tractor Boys! Cheers bro - (see siblings can be good for some things! :P )

erm - think thats about it - feel free to chat to me anytime!

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Post by Jus » Mon Aug 25, 2003 5:19 pm

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Re: About YOU!

Post by Frankie » Mon Aug 25, 2003 7:52 pm

Dazza wrote:Tell us about yourself... :)

:D i'm 15 and from bedfordshire :( supported town since i was very ickle as i used 2 go 2 games with my dad , grandad, grandad's best m8 and his 2 sons, best matches i have been 2 have been 5-0 win over norwich , and more recently 6-1 win over leciester, my grandad passed away recently so i have now got evrything from ipswich that he ever owned, included programmes from the fa cup win and several uefa cup matches.
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Re: About YOU!

Post by itfc_15 » Mon Aug 25, 2003 8:49 pm

im 16, female and from ipswich :) i av supported town all me life, thats thanx 2 me dad who also supports them. im just gald i dint follow me older brother and support leeds (dont even ask me why he does cos i cldnt tell ya!!) i went 2 me 1st town game wen i was little wiv me dad and brother (it ws against leeds so that was the only reason he wanted 2 go), and now me and me m8 go 2 evry home game.

i av just left skool got me G.C.S.E results last thursday, dint do 2 bad ( 6 C's, 2 D's and 1 F). i am going 2 college in september. i am doing a 2 year childcare course, and hopefully i will become a childrens nurse! :)

Paul B

Post by Paul B » Tue Aug 26, 2003 4:52 pm

I am 24, 100% male :wink: and from East Suffolk, about 20 miles northeast of Ipswich along the A12.

I have supported Town all my life, and this comes from the fact that my whole family are all mad Town supporters! My brother and I are both season ticket holders in the North Stand Lower. My parents don't go so uch now, but my mum has been to the Bernabou Stadium (capacity 100,000+) when Ipswich played Real Madrid in the European Cup or something many years ago in the good old days! Best moments have to be the 5-0 stuffing of the budgies, and of course the Wembley win in 2000!

I work full time as a greenkeeper (maintaining golf course) and live alone in my own flat! I can also drive.

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Re: About YOU!

Post by Riviera » Thu Aug 28, 2003 6:55 am

Dazza wrote:Tell us about yourself... :)
ok here goes, although i must admit im a little worried as it looks like the oldest here :?
im marc, i live in torquay (the english riviera), im 31 married with 2 kids, boy 8 and girl 10, i dont get to portman road very often, used to go about 10 times a season, mostly away games simply because they were easier to get to from here, but im as passionate as any other ipswich fan, my sons middle name is ipswich and my house is also called ipswich, fav player of all time has to be arnold muhren, best match probably the play off final, will never forget the globe on baker street before the game, what an atmosphere
get in touch if you wanna chat, msn - ippo1887@hotmail.com[/b]

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looks like im the oldest now

Post by spannerdev69 » Sun Sep 07, 2003 4:18 pm

well i live in watford have been a true blue since 78 when we done gooners , married with 3 girls another on way finally got season ticket last year upper north done again this year wife not .to happy but got to have something to look forward to,daz if your coming down 4 watford game let me no you can park where i work 5min walk to ground from there anyone else want to park up let me no ,best game 4 me was 1st game back in prem man u at home on my birthday great night didnt stop singing also went out san siro on my own just bought a ticket out there great night bad result . thats it 4 now :D sorry mark didnt say im 34

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Post by crazy » Mon Sep 08, 2003 7:58 am

right where to i start .... my names kirsty live near the stadium of pr that is, female, 13(yes a teenager god help you all)

i dont go to matches alot due to certain things
but when i do go i really enjoy it and make the most of it.. ive also been known to never go to a match where we lose so my friends reckon i should go more ofen!

and my name sums me up ie crazy
cos im crazy, i am the one and only crazy so dont try and take over my place or you will have me to deal with....

i have only just really start to be a ipswich town fantic...but its all worth it
my first ever match i went to was last year when we played reading and yes we won!

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Post by penlost » Tue Sep 09, 2003 8:02 am

Hey Riviera, never fear I am also 31 with two kids and feel very old on here!! :?

Live in Bury St Edmunds and have supported town for over 10 years. Don't get to many matches these days due to work.

Nice to see a forum that is not slow and does not crash out every 5 minutes unlike the offical site !!

Keep up the good work !!

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Hello my name is Toby and I'm a footie-holic

Post by toby » Tue Sep 09, 2003 8:36 pm

Well at least at the tender age of 30 I'm not the oldest on here, thank God (John Wark!) for Penlost and Riviera!

Currently living in East London, not too far away from Upton Park.

Always been a Town supporter, remember our Primary school headmaster giving us an assembly about the FA cup final, my earliest Town related memory.

Supported Town through thin and thinner ever since, was too young to go to any of the European games of the Robson era but made up for it recently by going to all the home UEFA cup games and Helsingborgs and Inter away (two of the best moments of my life!).

Seen Ipswich play at approx. 30 grounds around the country, was one of the "hoolies" on the pitch at Oxford when we won promotion in 1992, grabbed John Lyall and shook him by the hand!

Saddest moment was missing out on a ticket for the Play-off final, managed to blag my way into Wembley 30 mins before kick off, even stood on the touchline (long story!) but got thrown out before the game started! Was let in by a sympathetic turnstile operator for the last 5 minutes so at least I saw us presented with the trophy!

Been working for a company that hires sound and lighting equipment to the entertainment industry (theatres, conventions, premieres, concerts etc) for the last 8 years and have recently been helping to run a Comedy club in North London (www.thecomediansgraveyard.co.uk).

Will be embarking on my journey from backstage helper to Stand up comedian (stage name = Tony Cowards!) soon, have got a gig at Essex Uni in October followed by a stint at the record breaking Stand up 200 event in Manchester (www.standup200.co.uk).

Erm...can't think of much else to say really...COME ON YOU BLUES!

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Post by kay_itfc » Wed Sep 10, 2003 6:07 pm

hey im kay im 15 and i live in ipswich :D im a north uooer season ticket holder!
i used 2 b a arsnekl supporter and this woz coz of my dad and bro until i woz 7 and realised itfc r my team :D
i go 2 all home matches and sum away if i hav the money

nice site dazza keep up gd work :D

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Post by tractor_babe » Fri Oct 03, 2003 12:04 pm

wel im 15 female and from martlesham heath...nr ipswich :D ..ive been a season tiket holder for 5seasons now in lower britaina..but ive been goin for longer.coz i ad a shared tiket with my bro n sis..but then they lost interset..but i didnt.. :D hehe and i av been2 sum away games...wen iav d money.. my best 2 game...along with most people woz d stuffin of norwich..and wembley!! hehee! if ya wana cht 2 me...then leave me a msg on here....

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A Bit About Me

Post by alexvilagosh » Sat Oct 04, 2003 11:34 am

I joined here on September 13, but came back today to find I only had posted once. Since the shut down of the official forum this one seems to have picked up some pace.

I'm a 15 year old guy who lives in Australia. Why do I go for Ipswich? I really have no idea. I've been following Town properly for the last two years. Before that I didn't really have the internet so it's hard to follow a team here without it, apart from one of the big teams.

I enjoy swimming, and playing soccer, although I'm not very good at soccer. I played as striker this year and scored 5 goals in the 6 games I played, my best season yet. Unfortunatly I missed a number of games because of swimming.

I have a fair amount of other message board experience. At PEEL, a Futurama Forum, I have 3600 posts under my belt. At Interference (a U2 board) and the Official Coldplay board I have about 200 posts. I spend a lot of time on the internet, far too much in fact.

Well, that's enough about me. I hope to come here quite a bit now.

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Post by goldstar » Sat Oct 04, 2003 12:18 pm


I posted about myself on the General Football thread.

Here goes (again!)

I'm 25, male and live in Ipswich.

1st game was Vs Brum in 1986/87 in Div2 when Super Cooper was in goal for them looking rather 'plump'!

I've been a season ticket holder for about 5 years (actually now I come to think of it , it must be 7-8 years :oops: ), used to pay on the door at every game before that. I used to sit in the North Stand but my friends and I moved to Britannia (although it was Pioneer then!) when we experienced the view from there during a friendly.

This forum seems pretty good, will probably be on here quite a bit from here on in!

Braintree Blue
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Post by Braintree Blue » Mon Oct 06, 2003 11:04 am


I'm a 23 year old male from Braintree (hence the name!!).

Have been a blue for as long as I can remember and in the past have watched the Town from Middlesborough to Brighton with a bit of Man U (9-0) in the middle.

Nowadays I'm restricted to the derby matches and cold winter evenings as I play for a local team on a Staurday afternoon, but when I do get along I normally head for the South lower, where me old man has a season ticket.

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Earl Blue
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sh*t I am a Grandad

Post by Earl Blue » Tue Oct 07, 2003 7:39 pm

Well at 46 years old I guess I have just let a few of you slightly younger
dads off the hook as being the oldest..

Started supporting town in 1971... been there seen it and dun it with the
town and still doing it, well my guess is I will be amongst the Zimmer Framers soon..

Hope that makes you lot feel happier now


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Re: sh*t I am a Grandad

Post by Chunkster » Wed Oct 08, 2003 10:14 am

Earl Blue wrote:Hope that makes you lot feel happier now
There was me, at 36, thinking I was going to be "Site Grandad" - phew. Cheers EB. :wink:

I am also a refugee from the ITFC boards, live in Brighton, used travel as a teenager in the early 80's from Nth London to every home game. Since then, sadly, more of a distance supporter, with the occassional trip to make sure the fire still burns.

Have to say, this site wins hands down compared to the ITFC one, and others I hace seen, in terms of fuctionality, speed, design & ease of use. My complements to the 'chef'!

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Post by belfast » Wed Oct 08, 2003 3:17 pm

Well I cannot let his Lordship The Earl Blue Of Soham get away with being the site grandad, at 52 I've been supporting Town and going to games since 1958. I can quite clearly remember winning the championship under Sir Alf!!
The ground had a wooden stand on the East (Portman Rd. ) side and the dressing rooms were an old cricket pavilion.
Ileft Ipswich when I joined the RAF and have followed them from all over the world.
I now live in N. Ireland but get over about once a month to watch a match. I love everything Blue , including Susie. Its hell listening to games on the internet or radio but I more than make up for it on my trips over.
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Post by Susie » Wed Oct 08, 2003 6:08 pm

I am not giving my age!! I have been going to games for about 5 years but my husband has supported ITFC since he was 6 and living in Harwich. My son started going with him from the time he was 8 until the time he finished university and started working. At that time I starting using the season ticket. Son is now married with a 4 month old daughter and the season ticket is in my name. Go to all home games and as many away games as possible and have met several other fans who post on this and the ITFC board including Earlblue, Anglo, Belfast , Essexgirl.Harrow and many others.
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Post by Munty » Fri Oct 10, 2003 1:35 pm

nice to see a few oldies signing up, I was getting a bit worried at 31!!

Always been a Town fan. first team I ever followed... the first match I watched a full 90 mins was the 78 Cup Final... live in Bristol and travel East far to often, to be honest I am questioning my sanity these days!!.. didn't get a season ticket this year as a protest to Sheephead (sorry and all that and I have been ribbed about it already)..

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Post by 1978greats » Fri Oct 10, 2003 3:35 pm

Here come's another oldie....supported Town since 1976, but first real thrill was watching the 1978 cup final on TV when I was 13 ( work it out if you really have to ) hense my user name.
My dear Dad used to take me to as many matches as he could, 1st was against Liverpool I think, couldn't always see much of the game when you were a kid in them day's, those that were there know what I mean.
During the 80's and 90's lost track a bit due to family stuff and lack of cash, but now I'm back to supporting Town 100% again.
I'm trying to get my kid's hooked like I was but have only managed 1 out of 3! My lad supports Man U, my 14 year old likes boys and shopping but my 8 year old has followed in her mum's footsteps and is ITFC through and through. My husband is welsh so his first love is rugby ( he does the first aid to a local team ) but when he has free time he will come to some matches with me.
I'v got a season ticket in Brittania stand and when the poor old boy that sits next to me descides that it's too cold to come any more I will be asking him if he minds if my daughter takes over his seat ( could be a while yet! )

Love all the high's and the low's and espescially love away matches.

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Post by diedelia » Sat Oct 11, 2003 12:22 pm

Well im 15, 16 in january, i am cool, i live in halstead in essex braintree blue should no that as its next door and briantree is the happening place to be lately! halstead is sh*te! ermmmm i have supported ipswich all my life apart from a dee tour of supporting tottenham about a season becuase my next doori neighbours did so i did for awhile to fit in with them. my first game was agin sheffield wednesday when walk got 2 shouod have a had a het trick but got disalowed for a climb!

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Post by crazee » Sat Oct 11, 2003 6:20 pm

hiya im Aston nearly 18 (about 3 weeks to go) north stand season ticket holder. my first Ipswich games was either ITFC v Huddersfield or ITFC Vs port vale (i know they are the first two im just not sure which came first).

i go too about 10 away matches a year been as far as Milan and Luxemborug (which ever is futher) for uefa cup games, as close as scum city.

run one Itfc website http://www.singing-the-blues.net and mod on a genral east anglian forum which could do with a few more Ipswich fans http://invisionfree.com/forums/Pride_Of ... howforum=4

currently working but do plan to go to college (west suffolk) next year for an IT course of some kind

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Post by Anglo-Saxon » Sat Oct 11, 2003 11:13 pm

What can I say? I'm older than my teeth younger than my hair, well I'm not as old as EarlBlue any way LOL, I think my mum took me to my first game god bless her, then after that I went with my Grandad, South Stand in the late 60's just behind the goal, middle way up. Had a one pound bet with my nan that we would beat Germany in 66, got my self a camera with that, 70's 80's went often to watch a game, was not easy but worth it, apart from the CS when we lost 5-0 against Notts Forest, saw us beat Arsenal in 78, ticket cost 5 quid, you cannot buy fish and chips for that now, saw us beat Barcelone 3-0 at home, what a night, then we lost 3-0 away, Ipswich and penalties do not go hand in hand, I LOVE the TOWN and always will, I love Ipswich full stop, best people on this plannet.


Post by harry62 » Wed Oct 29, 2003 4:16 pm

I'm 41 and live in Blackpool but was born in Gorleston (just south of Gt Yarmouth), my real name is Mark but I have been called Harry since I was about 8 or 9.
In 1971 I was a fresh faced 9 year old when I first visited Carrow Road, I was recovering from a nasty earlier experience of being took to Portman Road to see George Best play for Man Utd against Ipswich, from what I remember it was a crap goalless draw and could have scarred me for life but I was cured after my first visit to Carrow Road.
I was a season ticket holder in the Barclay Stand at Norwich and used to go to ALL games Home and Away until work brought me to the North West, I still remain a member and manage to get to a handfull of games a season, but they are usually away games.
Coming from close to the Norfolk Suffolk border have friends in both the Norwich and Ipswich camps, it confused the hell out of one car park attendant in Ipswich when he stopped our car one boxing day to find out if it contained Norwich or Ipswich fans only to find it was both, poor guy had to call a supervisor to find out where to let us park.

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Post by Roylemark » Wed Oct 29, 2003 11:35 pm

Hi ya! i`m 36 also called Mark have been known by other names but to rude to mention on here :wink:
Currently living in Norwich but originally from Notting hill London,have been an Ipswich fan since the 70`s when we were probably one of the best teams in the world,Paul Mariner is my fav player of all time and that dutch player Arnold muhren how do you spell it? i believe he was the first ever foreign player to be signed in this country,well over the years we have had some outstanding players and still do.
I was lucky enough 2 go and see Ipswich play with the Anglia TV crew and sometimes watched the match from a crane towering over the stadium.
I don`t go to many games now but will probably go to the local derby maybe i could meet up with some of you guys as i find living in Norwich none of my mates want to go 2 portman road :( Good site by the way haven`t seen anything else like it bye for now Mark

Foxy Lady

Post by Foxy Lady » Mon Nov 10, 2003 11:01 pm

A little bit about me....
My name is Linda, I have supported Ipswich as long as I can remember. My dad always use to go and it was always me who wanted the programme and not my bro.Hence I was hooked.
My 1st game was the start of the 1981/82 season and i was a regular until I left school and got a job and had to work saturdays. I eventually got my season ticket for my 30th birthday which was the season we went up.
I love going to away matches when money allows and try to fit in at least 5 games.
My fav all time player is Russell Osman but presently it's my boy Rueser.
Had some great ITFC moments but for me Wembley 2000, being at the Globe in Baker Street, and Helsingborg(my 1st european away game) will stay with me for a long time to come.
Im married with 2 girls 9 and 12. 9yo supports ITFC, 12 yo supports Man Utd and Hubby supports Man City!!!!!!
I sit in Britannia Block JJ seat 164.
I sit with a great bunch of noisy people and we sing our hearts out every game
Well thats a little about me

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Post by budgiebasher » Wed Nov 12, 2003 9:31 pm

My name is gary, im 16 and go to west bourne 6th form, my 1st ever match was against chelsea in 94(won 1-0 ian marshall i think). i aint a season ticket but go to every game north stand upper(apart from the forthcoming norwich match north stand lower and i travel away a lot with my bro and his friend.
my fave player at the moment is tommy miller, but since ive been going its johnny wark or matty holland.
best match is play off final closely followed by the 2 bolton matches that year and crystal palace this year
also i collect town programmes and have collected every single home pne since 94 missing a lot of away ones though
worst moment 2 relegations, countless promotion failures, losing to scum, missing the 5-0 :cry: and entering adminstration

thats about all

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